Investigating a Fraudulent Claim

One of the biggest concerns insurance companies and businesses face is fraud. People routinely try to take advantage of the insurance system by either making up false claims or, more commonly, exaggerating damage in an effort to get a larger payout than they deserve. RKJ Investigations can help insurers and businesses crack down on fraudulent… Continue Reading

Four Situations When You Need a Process Server

When legal action is taken against someone, that person must be notified with physical documentation that describes the legal proceedings that will begin. This is called “service of process.” A person called a “process server” delivers these papers to the person involved in the court proceedings. Once the papers are delivered, the process server must… Continue Reading

Going Undercover on Electronic Countermeasures and Bug Sweeps

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you feel someone’s watching you. And there’s a good chance you’re right. Most people would be stunned by how often a client suspects some kind of surveillance and turns out to be right. Your instincts are a valuable barometer of your own personal safety, and if something… Continue Reading