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How do Private Investigators Aid in Insurance Fraud Cases?

How do Private Investigators Aid in Insurance Fraud Cases?

Insurance ClaimFraud is a major issue in the insurance industry, from individuals faking injuries to suspicious billing practices on the part of physicians or clinics. If you’re faced with an insurance fraud case, a private investigator can help. Here’s how:


A private investigator will research a potentially fraudulent claimant’s criminal history and determine if they’ve submitted fake claims in the past.

Organize Interviews

A private investigator can interview the claimant to determine whether there are any holes in his or her story, as well as interview witnesses to uncover information that could prove whether the story is false.

Review Documents

Private investigators are trained to comb through documents and identify key pieces of information, such as discrepancies in paperwork or forged documents.

Conduct Surveillance

Private investigators know how to follow and surveil their targets without attracting attention. For high-profile insurance fraud cases, surveillance may be necessary to determine the suspect’s motives and whether or not witnesses are in contact with the suspect.

Gather Evidence

If your insurance fraud case is going to court, you’ll need to gather evidence in advance. A private investigator can help compile this evidence and ensure that it will be admissible in court.

Now that you understand how private investigators aid in insurance fraud cases, you may be interested in hiring one to bring you peace of mind, produce answers and help you decide how to proceed. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area, contact RKJ Investigations today at 405-562-6479.