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Understanding What Goes Into a Background Check

Understanding What Goes Into a Background Check

Most people are familiar with background checks, at least at a basic level. These researched reports are often run as part of a pre-employment screening to verify the facts that a potential candidate has offered in their resume and CV are accurate and that they don’t have a criminal record that bar them from a particular field of employment. However, there are multiple levels of background checks available from RKJ Investigations, with advantages to each depending on your specific situation.

Level 1

RKJ’s Level 1 background check does a thorough investigation at the state level on a person or persons that you are interested in finding out more information on. This report includes a search of all available state criminal databases and civil suit records, along with property records and any public bills of sale. This report is often a good option for those looking for more information on prospective hires as it is not overly expensive and provides a good wealth of information on an individual. Many people also choose this report to find out more information on a potential babysitter to seek out if they have a criminal record or to see if a prospective business partner has any civil claims against him or her before completing a transaction.

Background InvestigationLevel 2

At Level 2, the investigation includes a more thorough digging in to criminal records to look for any information that may have been buried in the conversion to digitized records. This includes identifying all locations that the person under investigation has lived and performing a detailed search of the records of any and all police jurisdictions that may have potentially charged the person with a crime. This search also includes looking for slight misspellings or name variations that may not be readily apparent with a Level 1 search. The extra attention at Level 2 is well suited for someone looking to put their minds fully at ease about an individual, whether it’s a future spouse or investment partner.

Level 3

With our premier Level 3 background investigation service, the scope of our check expands to the national level, incorporating any and all searchable databases from coast to coast. This search also includes federal-level authorities whenever possible, including publicly available Border Patrol and FBI records. Civil records are also reviewed, including property ownership, sales and transfers, looking for signs of any illicit activity or secret property holdings that may be hidden from your knowledge. This is the most in-depth service offered, and provides a fully comprehensive and exhaustive search of all known locations, any aliases and any known associates with whom the person under investigation may have done business or collaborated with to keep unwanted details from finding their way to prying eyes.

No matter your level of concern, RKJ Investigations can help put your mind at ease and provide you with a detailed dossier of information on any person of interest in your life. With our accurate and affordable services, don’t leave anything to chance – know the facts for sure! Contact us today for to schedule a consultation or to find out more about our full range of process serving and investigational services!