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What Types of Surveillance do Private Investigators Employ?

What Types of Surveillance do Private Investigators Employ?

SurveillancePrivate investigators employ a variety of types of surveillance, depending on the case at hand. Today we’ll address a few of the most common surveillance techniques that PIs use to track and monitor suspects.

Electronic Monitoring

A PI can conduct surveillance on telephone, fax, internet and email communications, using electronic devices to monitor communications 24/7. These days, they may also monitor a suspect’s social media presence to find evidence of wrongdoing.

Stationary Device Surveillance

In this type of surveillance, a PI places a hidden camera and recording equipment in a car that’s discreetly parked in an inconspicuous location. Sometimes, the camera and recording equipment are unmanned, which reduces the chance that the surveillance will be discovered.

Stakeout/Fixed Surveillance

A private investigator will sometimes observe people or places at a distance. If he or she works with a partner, they can alternate positions to reduce their chances of discovery.

Three-Person Surveillance

In this setup, three PIs watch a subject. The first remains behind the target at a distance, with the second following closely. The third investigator is typically across the street, either slightly behind or ahead of the target.

These types of surveillance are all covert, meaning that the person being observed or tailed isn’t aware that they are being observed. Covert surveillance often requires approval from a court. A good PI will be aware of all the laws in your state that govern invasion of privacy, audio recording and trespassing, and will conduct the investigation within their legal limits.

Whether you’re dealing with a child custody case, insurance fraud, background investigations or any other issue that requires surveillance, a private investigator can help. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area, contact RKJ Investigations at (405) 562-6479 to learn more today!