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5 Things Private Investigators Cannot Legally Do

No TresspassingWhen you hire a private investigator, he or she will do everything legally possible to get to the bottom of your case. However, the law does place some limits on a PI’s actions. Here are five things private investigators cannot legally do:

Impersonate a police officer or federal official.

It’s illegal for PIs to impersonate law enforcement. They can’t carry badges, wear uniforms, or use logos and phrasing that imply that they are with a local police force or FBI.

Record conversations or wiretap without a permit.

According to federal law, private investigators must receive permission from at least one individual in the conversation to listen in on phone calls. The same goes for monitoring emails or private social media accounts. Keep in mind that certain states have stricter regulations governing wiretapping and online surveillance as well.

Trespass on private property.

Private investigators can’t enter a private house, building or property without the owner’s permission. They also can’t film or photograph an interaction taking place in a private building through a window (although they can record interactions taking place in public).

Tamper with mail.

It’s a federal offense for private investigators (or anyone else) to open or steal someone else’s mail.

Place a GPS tracker on a vehicle without consent.

The owner of the vehicle must grant permission. For example, if a husband wants to place a tracker on his wife’s car, the car must be in his name, not hers.

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