Fact-Finding and Child Custody: How an Investigator Can Help Your Case

The thought of no longer being able to see your children is devastating, and many child custody battles are fought bitterly and contentiously. Inevitably, these cases often result in one parent losing out on the opportunity to see their kids every day and, in some instances, altogether. Sometimes this is for the best, particularly if the estranged spouse or partner is untrustworthy or unfit to parent, but the key is to prove that fact in a court.

If you’re entering into a child custody case or you wish to contest the results of a custody hearing, you’ll need proof of unsuitability to use against the other parent. That’s where the services of a private investigation service can help. By utilizing real and timely evidence gathered by an investigator, your chance of proving your spouse should not be the primary caregiver of your children increases. Let’s look at how RKJ Investigations can help with your case.

GPS Tracking

Live and highly accurate, RKJ Investigations’ trackers can monitor activity and location of an individual’s vehicle 24/7. Choose from short- or long-term GPS tracking services, and we can deliver a weekly traffic report during the length of your investigation. We can also furnish a professional report and provide physical surveillance, if requested. Our Level II service can even give you notifications when a subject leaves or enters a specific location using geofencing technology. This can be especially beneficial if you’re looking to assert that the other parent isn’t home at night, is away when the bus drops your children off from school, or frequently visits questionable venues.

Video/Photo Surveillance

Building a case against the other parent takes cold, hard evidence. GPS can provide one form of evidence, but video and photo surveillance are both great options for exposing issues with visual proof. Surveillance services can reveal toxic or harmful situations or activities, such as drug use, sexual promiscuity and other illegal activity. Video and photo evidence allows a court to see negative behaviors with their own eyes provides a literal look at why the other parent may not be suitable as the primary caregiver.

Other Investigations

Other investigation services can help expose other aspects of the would-be parent’s life, including whether they truly have dutifully employment – often a requirement for a personal to be awarded custody. A private investigation will give you the answers you seek to get what is best for your children. Building a case against the other parent takes facts and hard evidence, which RKJ Investigations can help you find.

RKJ Investigations is a full-service professional investigation service offering a full range of services for child custody cases, as well as insurance fraud investigations, background checks and much more. Serving clients in the Oklahoma City region, as well as in Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri, we’re here to help you with your investigation needs. Get the answers you have been searching for by calling RKJ Investigations today at 405-562-6479.

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