Attorneys - Serving Divorce & Court Papers

Serving divorce papers or serving court papers can be a complicated, stressful, and dangerous process. You are never sure how a person who is being served is going to react and finding the right person can sometimes be difficult, especially if they are dodging your attempts to serve them. The professional and experienced process servers at RKJ Investigations will serve papers properly and safely so you know that the intended recipient is getting served.

Whether you are an attorney or are representing yourself in a divorce or other court proceeding, you can be sure that the team at RKJ Investigations will serve your papers properly and professionally. Do not put yourself in danger or worry about finding the right person to serve. Let the team at RKJ take care of everything, so you can focus on your court proceeding.

Contact RKJ Investigations today about hiring a process server to serve your court papers in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, or Missouri.