GPS Tracking Service

GPS Tracking was a huge advance in modern science, and is a key tool in our arsenal for almost any investigation. Our trackers are live and highly accurate, monitoring activity and location 24/7. RKJ Investigations can help keep tabs your teenager, locate your elderly loved one, expose your cheating spouse, or reacquire your stolen assets. We can offer short or long term tracking, including driving habits, location, and time logs. All of our evidence is documented with video, sound, and photographic recording. We offer 3 inclusive packages to fit your budget and needs.

Level I – Two Weeks -$400

  • GPS Tracking Device installation
  • Weekly Traffic Report emails
  • Professional Report and Closing Advice Letter
  • Physical surveillance provided at your request for $75 per hour.

Level II – Three Weeks – $500

  • GPS Tracking Device Installation
  • Daily Traffic Report emails
  • Geofencing – a service that alerts you and the investigators with a text message whenever the subject enters or exits a geographic area such as work, home, or a desired location.
  • Professional Report and Closing Advice Letter

Level III – Four Weeks – $600

  • Includes the entire Level II package, with a full month of tracking.