Child Custody Investigator

We Understand…

Few ordeals are more difficult to endure than a child custody battle. The second you become a mother or father your life instantly changes, and the thought of not being able to see your children on a habitual basis is overbearing, especially when you don’t trust the child’s mother or father to take adequate care of your babies.

In these types of difficult and slippery situations, you should consider hiring a private investigator to help your cause. A private investigator can help you build a case against your spouse, and provide evidence of why he or she is not a suitable option to be the primary caregiver to your child. Child custody battles can get ugly, and you will find it is instrumental to have real evidence on your side.

If you need help with child custody investigations, contact RKJ Investigations we serve throughout the whole state of Oklahoma and are licensed in Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri. We will provide you with the guidance and expertise you need during a difficult time.