Process Server in Oklahoma City

Do you need to serve court papers professionally, promptly and properly? Let RKJ Investigations and Surveillance take care of all your process serving needs.

RKJ has a dedicated division devoted to handling the process serving needs of individuals, attorneys, banks and loan companies throughout Oklahoma City and the surrounding region. Their professional team offers reliable and trusted service, backed with more than a decade of experience serving clients large and small across the area.

With process servers located in many counties across the area, RKJ’s team can offer court paper processing services without any additional mileage costs passed on to you. What if the person being served isn’t home when RKJ’s process server arrives? No problem. Their team member will try again at another time, and with RKJ’s service, there’s no cost for multiple attempts.

All process serving tasks are different, and pricing is quoted individually based on your needs. Contact RKJ Investigations and Surveillance today at 405-562-6479 for more information or process server pricing details.