Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a branch of investigation that’s concerned primarily with uncovering evidence or recovering information from a computer, cellphone or other electronic device. We’ve all had a minor issue with lost data – a power outage or application crash before you had a chance to save or destroying a digital camera before you’ve been able to download the pictures. While these are inconvenient – and sometimes can be retrieved through data recovered – digital forensics involves finding and recovering hidden or deleted information that might be valuable to a case or to prove an individual’s actions were malicious.

Searching Out Digital DataSay, for example, that an employee at your company had been sending private or proprietary information about your business to a competitor, hoping to use it as a way to secure a new job or a bit of side income. If that person was smart, they tried to cover their tracks by deleting the emails, thinking that would eliminate any record of their actions. Through digital forensics, however, our experts can dig deeper, find information on an email server or cached on the computer and recover that evidence so that you can confront the employee or pursue legal action.

Digital forensics can also help uncover evidence in personal or domestic situations as well. For instance, if you’re concerned that your spouse may be using their cellphone or email account to cheat on you, an investigation may be able to uncover evidence of their misdoings. This could include secret email accounts or deleted pictures shared with someone else that could prove infidelity and give you the information you need to confront your husband or wife or begin divorce proceedings.

Think of digital forensics as a method of finding hidden truth. With computers, many times information is not truly destroyed even if deleted by a user. Challenges in Digital Forensics Using digital forensics, investigators can find and retrieve text messages, emails, photos, files and more from a device’s hard drive, using methods that won’t destroy or contaminate the recovered information and allowing you to build a case with concrete evidence that can withstand scrutiny in a court of law. In fact, digital information uncovered through an investigation is completely admissible in court, and we can even provide an expert witness to help speak to the validity and accuracy of any information we recovered.

Digital forensics can recover emails and deleted emails, text messages and deleted text messages, Viber, Snapchat and Tinder messages, deleted call logs and deleted pics. Call us today at 405-562-6479 to learn more.