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What Is Skip Tracing?

What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a very valuable service for those individuals and companies that are trying to track someone down. RKJ Investigations offers skip tracing services to help our clients find anyone they are looking for, regardless of how well they have tried to cover their tracks. Let’s take a closer look at what skip tracing is and how it can come in handy for anyone trying to find someone.

Skip TracingSkip Tracing Can Help Collect a Debt

If someone owes you a significant amount of money, whether as part of a private contract or arrangement or following a court’s ruling, they may be doing their best to try and avoid you. Many debtors have tried to flee from repaying debts, sometimes even skipping town or leaving the state to reduce the chances of coming into contact with you. With skip tracing from RKJ Investigations, we can help you find out exactly where they are living now so that you can track them down and collect the money you are owed.

Skip Tracing Can Help with Legal Process Service

Whether you are trying to serve someone with paperwork notifying them of your lawsuit or get your spouse to sign legal documents pertaining to a divorce, you can do it by utilizing skip tracing. There are many cases when individuals being sought for legal document service will go on the run to avoid being served with legal documentation, as required under the law. When you use skip tracing, RKJ Investigations will find out where they are and with our process service capabilities, we can even handle delivering the legal documents, as well.

Skip Tracing Can Help Subpoena a Witness

Time is often of the essence when it comes to tracking down a witness for a court case. If you aren’t able to find them quickly, it could delay or hinder your legal case, possibly even causing you to face a serious uphill battle in court. By using the skip tracing services provided by RKJ Investigations, we can help you find your missing witness in a short amount of time so that you can compel them to testify in your case.

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking for someone or where they might be located. RKJ Investigations has been helping clients in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri track people down for years. We have the experience it takes to find whoever you are looking for right now. Call us at 405-562-6479 today and learn more about how skip tracing can benefit you.