Find Out the Truth About Your Spouse

Wondering whether your spouse is cheating can make a perfectly sane person feel crazy. Most decide it is better to know for sure rather than questioning the strength of their marriage. Many people will turn to a private investigator like RKJ Investigations to help, but one Spanish company has picked up on this intense “need to know” and created a device to help you discover if your spouse is lying to you – but many will be surprised by the product.

Adultery InvestigationThe “Smarttress,” a wirelessly connected smart mattress, is designed to replace your marital bed and can detect suspicious movements at unusual times, helping spouses learn the truth about what may be going on in their bedroom when they are not home. According to Discovery News, hidden sensors inside the bed send information about time of use, frequency, intensity and speed of activity on the mattress directly to the connected smartphone via an app. The sensors can even detect what part of the bed is receiving the activity.

Currently, the unique mattress, known more formally as the Lover Detection System, is only being marketed in Spain, but may become available in other countries if it gains popularity. And, although it is always fascinating to learn about new technology, not all suspicious husbands and wives can want to go to such an extreme. That’s where RKJ Investigations can help.

As a private investigation firm in Oklahoma City, RKJ Investigations specializes in discreetly providing spouses the answers and clarity they need when in doubt about their partners’ fidelity with cheating spouse investigation services. Not only will hiring a private investigator give you the peace of mind you wish for to allow you to move on with your life, a professional from RKJ Investigations is reliable and affordable. Stop second guessing yourself and let our team of investigators provide you with tangible proof of whether your spouse is cheating.

The top-notch team at RKJ Investigations comes from a variety of backgrounds with extensive investigatory skills. When necessary, our staff will consult with former FBI and Intelligence agents to gain further insight into your case. Whether you are in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas or Missouri, RKJ Investigations can help you get the facts and give you closure on your suspicions of infidelity. To schedule an appointment or discuss your situation with the RKJ team, call us today at 405-562-6479.

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