Skip Tracing – How We Help You Find an Elusive Person

It can be frustrating when you need someone such as a criminal or a witness to stay put and they leave town. When that happens, you can either try and find them yourself or hire a professional. That’s where the skip tracing services from RKJ Investigations & Process come in.

If you are not familiar with skip tracing, it is when someone or a group of people work to locate a person’s whereabouts for numerous reasons. This is often used for help finding a missing debtor or locating a witness who is needed for a trial and has leave town. Skip tracing is how those who are evading their legal responsibilities can best be found to proceed with further action.

Skip TraceAt RKJ Investigations & Process, we know how to find people who don’t want to be found and will work with you to help you find whoever you need to stand trial, serve papers to, or just need to find in general. To start our investigation, we will collect a wide selection of data on the person. From there, we will analyze the data, including credit card receipts, online activity, social media engagement and other details, and then do our best to figure out where they are and either bring them back or find a way for you to contact them.

Now, not every person or situation is the same, and we here at RKJ Investigations & Process understand that. So that’s why we offer extensive skip tracing services, with the depth and speed of our search customizable depending on your specific situation. Once you contact us to find someone, we will discuss the options with you to determine what services would be necessary and how we can best locate the missing person you’re looking for.

RKJ Investigations & Process offers surveillance and investigations services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas. We have experience with everything from GPS location tracking to child custody reports and you can trust that we will get you the results you desire. For more information on our skip tracing services or to learn more about hiring us for your case, call us today at 405-562-6479!

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