Going Undercover on Electronic Countermeasures and Bug Sweeps

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you feel someone’s watching you. And there’s a good chance you’re right.

Most people would be stunned by how often a client suspects some kind of surveillance and turns out to be right. Your instincts are a valuable barometer of your own personal safety, and if something feels amiss, there’s likely a reason.

The same group of people would also be surprised at how many products there are on the market to facilitate spying on someone – cameras so small they fit on your fingertip; common household items belying internal recording mechanisms and so on. If they weren’t so nefarious, they’d be downright clever. Let’s take a look at just a fraction of items that someone with intent could use to capture sound, video or both absolutely anywhere – including your own bedroom.

Spy Time

For less than $100, this innocuous-looking clock radio will quietly record every sound and movement in its range for up to 32 continuous days on its 32 GB micro-SD card. The clock itself is small and understated, and who’d suspect anything about a new clock radio? Certainly not that you’re being watched with night vision.

Camera PenJot this Down

Something as small and commonplace as a pen couldn’t be a threat to your privacy or security, could it? Guess again. Have a look at this handsome writing instrument, because if it’s looking at you, it might be in the midst of recording up to 20 hours of high-resolution video.

Ready for Your Close-Up

Cameras are so small these days that just about anything can be equipped with one – in this case, a case. It looks like a standard DVD case – and who doesn’t have at least a dozen of them on a shelf near the TV? – but it secretly hides a full-color VGA-quality camera. Any movie jacket can be slipped into the cover, and once it’s on the shelf with other DVDs, you’d never notice it. This particular model can be controlled by a remote or set to motion-activation mode, which will result in up to 30 hours of video capture or still photos.

GPS TrackingOn the Road

GPS tracking devices are smaller and smarter than ever, and you could scour your vehicle all day and not find a hidden tracker. This self-contained and completely waterproof option is just an unobtrusive little disc that wouldn’t merit a second look. With this device on your car, whoever put it there will know your every movement – time, date, location, destination, speed, how many stops you made and more. This device also only records data when the car is in motion, meaning the battery can last for 50 hours or longer.

Electronic Countermeasures

Spooked? Don’t be. RKJ Investigations will find out who’s watching you by sweeping your home, vehicles or office with electronic countermeasures designed to stay ahead of the constantly evolving world of spy technology. These countermeasures – or ECMs in the parlance of the field – can detect the presence of frequencies used in surveillance equipment and locate the devices for you, allowing us to remove them.

One of the instruments RKJ Investigations utilizes when sweeping and debugging is a Professional Digital RF Detector, a handheld device that detects almost any variation of wireless protocol, including digital frequencies such as Wi-Fi and analog frequencies reaching up to 6 Ghz in range, Bluetooth, DECT, GSM and RF. While a consumer with $500 can purchase one, it takes training and experience to perfect the search technique, and if done improperly, you could end up with a $500 credit card bill and a false sense of security.

Spying on SmartphoneSmartphones have brought us unprecedented access, information and convenience, but they’re also a wide-open target for invasion of your privacy. With a simple program installed on your phone without your knowledge, a person can turn your phone into a sieve, allowing someone else to hear everything you say or receive copies of your text messages or key entries. You’d never even know it’s happening unless you have a smartphone bug detector. It’s just one of the many ways RKJ Investigations detects and locates eavesdropping on your cellphone.

RKJ Investigations is based in Oklahoma City and licensed in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. If you live in any of these states and fear you’re being watched, recorded, bugged or stalked, don’t spend another day feeling vulnerable. Our experienced, professional team will utilize the very latest in electronic countermeasure technology to detect and locate any and all devices that may be in or on your property or vehicles. After our team determines that there are no surveillance devices on the premises, you’ll rest easy knowing your privacy is secure.

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us here at RJK Investigations. We’re here to help and keep you and your loved ones safe. Call us at 405-562-6479 today to learn more.

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