Protecting Yourself With Countersurveillance

While many of our services are tailored toward those who are seeking more information – whether it’s a skip trace on a missing person who is needed for a court hearing or who owes you back payments, a background check on a prospective employee, or tailing a suspected cheating spouse to get evidence – we also offer a suite of programs that are designed to help you if you are under investigation. If you believe that you’re being investigated, RKJ Investigations can help.

Electronic Countermeasures

Electronic SurveillanceAs our lives have moved online through social networks, teleconferencing, online bill pay and more, this has opened the door to not only potential hackers, but also those who might be looking for evidence as a part of an investigation. Programs known as keyloggers can save all of your keystrokes, giving away passwords to utilities or social media accounts, while other digital tracing software can monitor your activity online, looking for communication with certain parties or purchases that you make. We can help you counteract these threats by ensuring that your digital devices are secured and protected, and offer you the tools you need to continue to be safe from surveillance online.

Protection Services

In the physical world, you may also be facing someone who is following you or stalking you, as well. Perhaps you’re transporting valuables to a secure location, or maybe you’re concerned that another investigator is following your movements. With our personal protection services, our staff of experienced security personnel can help provide you with peace of mind and protection. If you’re a celebrity or executive, you may also benefit from our higher tiered options that offer additional staff, including former members of law enforcement and the military. We can keep you and your property safe and secure, and defend against would-be investigators, stalkers or thieves.

For more information on our protection services – or any of our other investigation services – contact RKJ Investigations today!

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