Asset Location: Tracking Accounts, Vehicles, Equipment and More

Here at RKJ Investigations, we provide a wide range of investigatory services, including asset location. Asset location is the process of finding items that have been stolen, lost or that have otherwise somehow gone missing. You may think that you would never need such a service, but you might be surprised by some of the reasons people have needed help locating certain assets.

Asset LocationFor example, our services can be extremely useful during divorce proceedings when one party needs to know about any assets that may have been acquired by the other party without their knowledge. In other situations, businesses may want to check out the backgrounds of high-ranking executives new to the company. It’s not uncommon for investigators to uncover instances of fraud once investigations begin. Last, sometimes clients need to recover a stolen valuable item, such as an automobile or collectible item.

Our investigators come from various backgrounds in law enforcement, the military and private security. They use various methods to legally find assets for clients using creative methods. Sometimes the information needed is simply a matter of looking at public records. In other cases, investigators use their experience and skills to obtain the information needed to find the missing assets by scouring other resources, investigating word-of-mouth reports or using other methods. In the case of missing vehicles, for example, it might be a matter of finding registrations or storage centers that may have a record of the vehicle in question.

If you are in need of an asset investigation, put our resourceful, professional and experienced team on the case – you won’t be disappointed. To learn more or to get started, give RKJ Investigations a call today at 405-562-6479.

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