Investigating a Fraudulent Claim

One of the biggest concerns insurance companies and businesses face is fraud. People routinely try to take advantage of the insurance system by either making up false claims or, more commonly, exaggerating damage in an effort to get a larger payout than they deserve.

RKJ Investigations can help insurers and businesses crack down on fraudulent injury, workers compensation or property damage claims through a thorough and time-tested process. Based in Oklahoma City, RKJ Investigations works with clients throughout the region to complete insurance fraud investigations, ensuring that any claims have been thoroughly investigated and verified and helping to avoid fraud and abuse.

Insurance FraudHere’s how it works: When an insurance company expects fraud, they call us and our team sets to work to investigate the claim and document any possible signs or proof of fraud. That includes examining photographic and video evidence whenever possible, and following up with surveillance and interviews with coworkers, neighbors and others who may have more information that can clear up any questions or inconsistencies.

Getting concrete evidence is especially important for insurance cases, as it provides hard proof that can lead to either the claim being dropped or an arbitrator ruling in your favor during an appeal.

RKJ Investigations will present a full professional report and meet with you to go over the case. Our experts will work with you on the goals of your case and ensure that you do not pay out any fictitious or exaggerated claims.

While people believe they are taking advantage of the insurance system with false claims, they are really hurting themselves. Fictitious and embellished claims lead to more payouts and cause higher premiums for everyone. By reducing the fraud that insurance companies face, RKJ Investigations helps eliminate fraudulent payments, allowing insurance companies and businesses to save on unnecessary payouts and lowering their risks and costs.

If you believe that a claim filed by an employee or individual may be fraudulent, call our team today to learn more about our insurance fraud investigations. We can work on individual cases or any larger fraudulent trends your organization is seeing. Get started and discuss your situation with us by calling 405-562-6479 today.

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