Private Investigations Surge After Major Hack

One of the biggest scandals last month was the announcement of an enormous hack of Ashley Madison customers. Far from a high-fashion retailer, this site actively connected married individuals with potential suitors. Some 32 million customers of the site had their personal details exposed through the hack, showing not only the importance that businesses need to place on protecting their data, but also that an astonishingly high number of married couples may have an unfaithful partner.

Cheating SpouseAs a result of the hack, the demand for private investigation services has surged, according to a recent CNN article. With so many people exposed, suspicious spouses have turned to professionals to search into their significant other’s activities, looking for any proof to their doubts about their partner’s faithfulness. Only three ZIP codes in the entire United States reported no Ashley Madison users in the hacking debacle – two in Alaska and a third in New Mexico – meaning that almost every town, village and hamlet from coast to coast had at least one user who was looking to engage in extramarital activities.

Private investigators have also seen an uptick in concerned consumers who are worried that their personal information may have been compromised – either through the Ashley Madison hack or one of the many millions of others that have happened throughout the year. In fact, over the past decade, a majority of consumers have had at least some of their data exposed through a hacking case. The New York Times offers a handy interactive look at how data may have been exposed and what kind of information would have been affected.

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