Hire a Private Investigator to Help With Family Matters

Many of us have gone through stressful situations or difficult times with our families or in our personal relationships. Two of the most common – and sometimes related – issues are a cheating spouse or legal custody of children. No one wants to have to go through either situation, but in both cases it’s best to have concrete evidence to form a solid foundation to build your case or your defense.

By employing a private investigator, you can find out some of the concrete facts of a situation without needing to rely on the hearsay of others or your own suspicions. A PI can provide you with a wide range of information as part of their investigation, including photos, GPS tracking records or other notes that could help to prove that a spouse is secretly meeting with another person or that your concerns about your child or children is warranted.

Private Investigator SurveillanceIn cases where you suspect cheating, it’s better to know than to live in continual fear that your partner is being unfaithful. Hiring a private investigator can provide you with a definitive answer, either vindicating your spouse by finding nothing that substantiates your beliefs or providing the proof you need to confront him or her so that you can address the situation and move forward.

Child custody cases can be a bit more involved, and are especially important to maintaining your rights in having a say in how children are raised, visitation privileges and household environment. If you suspect that your former partner is creating an unsuitable environment for your kids, you may want to appeal to the court for more rights or even full custody without visitation if you already have primary custody. Developing the facts is crucial to these cases, and that requires being able to prove that there are problems in the other home, like violence, abuse or drug use, for example.

A private investigator can help find the evidence you need for these cases by developing a full dossier of information for you to present to law enforcement or submit to a judge in court. Surveillance can document a caregiver’s comings and goings, potentially building a case of excessive traffic or improper care of children, while other technologies, like GPS tracking, can prove reckless driving behaviors or travel to disreputable locations.

You should always have the full facts in any situation so that you can speak from a place or authority and defend your position with tangible proof. RKJ Investigations can help you find that evidence and give you the solid knowledge you need to be able to proceed with your divorce or custody case. For more information on our full range of investigatory services, contact us today.

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