Back to School … Or Are They? Know for Sure with GPS Tracking

The end of summer means that teens – and sometimes spouses who work as teachers or school support professionals – are back to school. Despite the nostalgia that may be associated with the phrase “back to school,” it can also be an anxious time for parents and spouses who wonder if their loved ones are really where they say. Are they really back to school, or are they skipping classes for an ulterior motive? You can know for sure with GPS tracking!

GPS Tracking RKJ Investigations offers a number of investigative services, including GPS tracking services. You probably already use GPS regularly, whether through a dedicated GPS navigation device for driving or on your smartphone. That same GPS technology also serves an important role in tracking people.

Perhaps you are concerned about whether your teens are really at school when they are supposed to be, or whether they are really heading to an after-school job or extracurricular activity when school is out for the day. It would be wonderful if you could always assume that your teens were telling you the truth, but sometimes parents find it wise to employ a “trust, but verify” plan when it comes to their children’s whereabouts. GPS tracking allows you to know exactly where your kids are at all times – when they arrive at school and when they leave, and any places they may stop before or after school. This information provides peace of mind if all is well, while providing an opportunity to intervene early if there are problems.

Sometimes it is not the kids that are a concern, but a spouse that is suspected of being unfaithful. How do you know if your spouse is really at work or at a late meeting or event at the school? One reliable way to know for certain where your spouse is and when they arrive or leave is with GPS tracking. Hopefully the information puts your mind at ease, but if your spouse is lying to you about their whereabouts, using GPS tracking will allow you to know the truth sooner rather than later. This will give you evidence you may need for any legal action or to even confront your spouse about their whereabouts.

RKJ Investigations offers three inclusive GPS tracking service packages to fit your budget and needs. In addition to GPS data, we can also provide photo, video and audio recordings so you can really know what is going on with your loved one. Contact us today at 405-562-6479 to learn more about our services or to make arrangements for GPS tracking of your child or spouse.

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