3 Reasons Why Process Servers Are Chosen over Sheriff Serves

Serving legal documents to the parties involved is a serious responsibility—it’s pertinent to any trial or court proceeding, and must not be taken lightly. That’s why the question of who actually delivers those legal documents in a timely and efficient manner is an incredibly important one.

But there are only two parties that legally can perform this service: process servers and sheriff servers.

Experts in the field agree: a process server is the way to go. Here’s why.Here’s Why Process Servers Are Chosen over Sheriff Serves

More Reliable

Sheriff’s offices who serve legal documents are also responsible for a number of different jobs, involving law enforcement or other pressing legal issues. This may mean that the legal documents that you need delivered at a particular time could get lost in the shuffle. On the contrary, a process server that excels in this profession is more likely to ensure that whoever needs to be served, is served.

Better Customer Service

Again, a sheriff’s office is often concerned with other responsibilities, let alone the serving of legal documents. And technically, it is a government agency, so having a personal phone number or hotline that you can contact at any time with questions is more difficult to obtain. Process servers, meanwhile, are always on hand to help with your concerns, and are happy to address any questions you may have. And when serving legal documents, customer service like this is crucial.

Higher Likelihood of Success

If you ask anyone in the legal world—lawyers, paralegals, court officers—they’ll tell you that process servers are much more successful at serving legal documents than sheriff’s offices. That is usually because process servers have more resources and time at their disposal to track down parties involved and make sure they’re contacted in an appropriate manner.

Because of all of these reasons, RJK Investigations provides process service to individual or corporate clients, and attorneys, that they can rely on. We pay special attention to our client’s needs to ensure that their voice is heard. And we’d be happy to serve your legal documents for you today!

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