It’s True Love … Or Is It?

If you’re struggling in your marriage or partnership, this time of year can be hard. Valentine’s Day places “happy couples” on a pedestal, and basically tells the rest of us that if our relationship isn’t perfect, then we’re doing something wrong. It also obscures a little bit of truth: most relationships aren’t actually perfect. And a lot of times, a part of the tension and conflict can come from being unsure if your partner is truly being honest with you.

Cheating Spouse The best way to get through this holiday is to ignore those suspicions or misgivings, but it can be hard to do that when you’re already having a hard time trusting your spouse. If you can’t fight the suspicions about your partner any longer, but don’t trust that confronting them will bring you any clarity, there are a few things you can do to help you feel better and move on.

Here at RKJ Investigations, we’ve been helping people find out if their partner or spouse is really being faithful to them for more than 15 years. While it can be hard to spend Valentine’s Day as a newly single person, spending it while you’re in a distrustful relationship can be even worse.

RKJ Investigation’s cheating spouse services will discretely provide the answers and clarity you need once and for all. Instead of spending that February holiday feeling uneasy and worried, get the facts.

Our talented and discrete detectives will work to uncover proof that your spouse is cheating on you – or that they are not – giving you the information you need to confront your unfaithful spouse or significant other. This evidence can also be invaluable if you file for divorce, as many states, such as Arkansas, have at fault divorce laws on the books that require proving an infidelity or other valid issue leading to the divorce. Proof of infidelity can also play a role in divorce proceedings, alimony payments and child custody, to having tangible evidence, including financial statements, photographs and video from RKJ Investigations’ team, will give you the proof you need.

While we hope to uncover your loved one has been secretly preparing a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, if your suspicions are too much to bear, let our private investigation services get to work for you. We work with clients in the Oklahoma City area, as well as in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. Get started and discuss your case with us today by calling 405-562-6479.


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