Five uses for GPS tracking

With the wealth of information and technology at our fingertips these days, the world has become a much more navigable and smaller place. With GPS technology, we can quickly and accurately plan the best route from one place to another, taking into account traffic and construction, regardless of whether it’s across town or across the country. That same kind of technology also allows us to keep tabs on the locations of specific people or items, which is where GPS tracking services come in to the investigator’s toolkit. Check out these five situations where having a GPS tracker can help.

Trace your teen

Do you have a new teenage driver in your home? With GPS tracking, you can balance giving them their space and freedom to make responsible decisions with your desire to make sure that you know where they are. GPS tracking reports will update you weekly on their driving habits and destinations to let you keep a watchful eye and the ability to confront any questionable decisions. You can also set alerts with geofencing to let you know when he or she returns home or leaves school unexpectedly.

Follow your spouse

No one wants to be in the position with a cheating spouse, and there are myriad legitimate reasons for distance and secrecy in a marriage. However, if you want to be sure or at least confirm your worst suspicions, GPS tracking can help you follow their movements. With weekly reports, you can identify locations that they travel to and how long they stay, and additional physical surveillance options can provide additional evidence of their activities.

GPS TrackingTrack your drivers

Whether you own a trucking firm or a pizza delivery business, tracking can help you follow your drivers’ routes and see where they are going. Do you suspect your driver is taking too long because they’re making unscheduled stops or detours? Find out the truth with GPS tracking, and have the evidence you need in hand to confront the issue and address any problems.

Keep watch on family

Elder family members can often be a concern for people, especially if they live alone or are showing signs of impaired decision-making. With GPS tracking on your loved one’s vehicle, you can see where they are at all times. If you’re unable to reach them or they suddenly aren’t home without leaving you any notice or information on their whereabouts, tracking can help you or emergency responders find their location and render assistance, if needed.

Find thieves

A final use for GPS tracking is identifying and finding thieves. Most people are aware of the “Find My Phone” functions of many modern smartphones, and the idea is similar for theft protection. If you attach tracking to an item that you’re concerned about being stolen, you can set geofencing alerts that notify you if the item leaves a predefined location or area. This helps you keep track of your goods, and can help you follow the thieves to their location, which will greatly assist law enforcement in finding and arresting those responsible for the crime.

For additional peace of mind and security, GPS tracking offers a great benefit at a great price. Find out more about RKJ Investigations & Process’ full range of services today or give us a call to get more information or to get started with a tracking campaign.

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